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Clear water and golden sand beaches


Beaches surrounded by cliffs and cliffs, others characterized by their caves.

Pescadores Beach (Albufeira) | 5 minutes

This beach is framed by the village of Albufeira and it was here that, a few years ago, fishermen's boats unloaded the result of their trips to the sea. Eden Resort has a courtesy transport.

N 37º 5' 12.65'' W 8º 14' 58.79''

São Rafael Beach (Albufeira) | 10 minutes

Flanked by dramatic, fissured limestone cliffs, this beach is characterized by golden sand and various rocky forms, such as caves or arches that are the result of erosion caused by rainwater.

N 37º 4' 29.74'' W 8º 16' 51.09''

Praia dos Salgados (Albufeira) | 20 minutes

In the continuation of the Praia Grande beach, to the east. It is a long sandy beach flanked by a natural environment where you will find a lagoon that is the habitat of several birds and robust dunes, which are also rich in fauna and flora.

N 37º 5' 18.81'' W 8º 19' 44.02''

Falesia Beach (Albufeira) | 20 minutes

A beach whose sand is over 6 km long and is flanked by a line of high cliffs in contrasting colors. It is the wear of the rock that makes up the cliff that feeds the sand.

N 37º 5' 10.02'' W 8º 10' 4.75''

Praia da Marinha (Lagoa) | 30 minutes

Cove accessed via a staircase. Both in the sand and in the water there are several rock formations. It is the ideal place to go diving and observe some marine fauna and flora.

N 37º 5' 23.67'' W 8º 24' 42.08''

Faro Beach | 35 minutes

Also known as “Ilha de Faro”, this beach is located in the Ria Formosa nature reserve and is accessed by road via a narrow bridge. In summer it is very popular, but it is still possible to find several fishermen and shellfish houses there.

N 37º 0' 27.40'' W 7º 59' 24.77''