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Albufeira, Algarve

Vibrating and buzzing/full of life, Albufeira still keeps a very old charm with typical alleys and traditional architecture. Know by its magnificent thin sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, this is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun.
Algarve has more than 130 beaches and Albufeira more than 22, all unforgettable with sea turquoise water  and golden sand, made essentially by rocks formed by long cliffs touching the sea or drawn back, covered by bright and smooth vegetation.
The quality of Algarve’s beaches is equally to its beauty, and that’s why half of the beaches ranked with golden quality are located in Algarve.
To keep up with all this stunning scenery, the presence of the sun all year round makes it that any day of the year is a vacation day.
As the night sets in, Albufeira fills with life and entertainment at bars, restaurants and discos, pulsating at a truly cosmopolitan rhythm. It is a place where its lifestyle reflects the spirit of the holidays. Albufeira is synonym of amusement and laid-back atmosphere imbued with a sense of well-being of those who live life to the fullest.
It’s a place which delights our senses and where the visitors will (re)discover the fun of experiencing the simple pleasures of life and a lifestyle of remarkable quality.

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